Michel Vanoosthuyse, From Kleist to Döblin. Literature, History, Politics

This work brings together studies on German-language literature written at the dawn of Romanticism until the 20th century. The aim is to explore the complex relationship between the fictional literary text and History. Some studies, less focused on the historical theme, consider literary work in its dimension of identification and questioning of the subject on […]

40 years of (trying) to eliminate HIV infection

Read the opinion article by Dr. Gonçalo Lobo, vice president of regional relations at International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) – Fast-Track Cities Institute, under the theme 40 years of (trying) to eliminate HIV infection. December 1, 2021, another year that marks the world day to fight AIDS and another year in which […]

Guillaume du Bellay & Rabelais in their stratagems

Lionel Piettre is a former student of ENS Lyon (in history and letters) and associate of Modern Letters, author of a thesis entitled Mingle with history (dir. Francis Goyet, Grenoble, 2017), to be published under the title The Shadow of Guillaume du Bellay in the historical thought of the Renaissance. His conference entitled “Phantom titles […]

The collections of short poetic forms in the British Isles during the Renaissance: assembly, construction, arrangements

The Collections of Short Poetic Forms in the British Isles during the Renaissance: assembly, construction, layouts Strasbourg (France), 18-19 November 2022 Colloquium organized by the University of Strasbourg and University College London Plenary conferences: Michelle O’Callaghan (University of Reading) Michael Bath (University of Strathclyde / University of Glasgow) Steering committee : Cezara Bobeica (University of […]

The Territories of Gastronomy

Call for papers ESSCA, in partnership with ESA (Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures d’Angers), ESTHUA (University of Angers) and the Campus de la Gastronomie is offering an interdisciplinary conference. “The Territories of Gastronomy” organized on the ESSCA Angers campusMarch 24 and 25, 2022 This conference will be an opportunity to bring together several disciplines and intersect various […]