Madrid returns with the losses of Mariano and Jovic

Madrid returned to training yesterday after a two-month hiatus and did so with their entire squad in full, except for the injured Luka Jovic and Mariano. Both worked inside the facilities: the Serb in his rehabilitation of the fracture in the calcaneus of the right foot that occurred during the confinement, and the Spanish-Dominican for […]

Jovic, killed by his right foot injury

Serbian Luka Jovic, a Real Madrid forward, is down from the injury to his right foot that was diagnosed on Friday in Madrid and that will keep him away from the field, according to his father, Milan Jovic, in statements to the Serbian newspaper ‘Kurir’ . “He’s dejected, he’s been scared … not only because […]

Real Madrid: Luka Jovic injured in the “home office” and dropped out

Sports real Madrid Luka Jovic injured himself in the “home office” and was absent for months As of May 8, 2020 | Reading time: 2 minutes Other leagues marvel at the DFL concept DFL managing director Christian Seifert thanks everyone involved that the Bundesliga can start on May 16. In addition, other loungers show interest […]

Jovic’s failed signing, a warning for Real Madrid with the phenomenon Haaland

“Before I made a mistake, I did not make that mistake,” he once said. Johan CruyffAs if in football it was always so easy to get it right. Although the great operation that Florentino Pérez has between eyebrows is – in addition to finishing the brand new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium– the signing of Mbappé, the […]