TC: Employer can conduct video surveillance of workers | The law

The employer may resort to the use of technologies, such as video surveillance, as long as it is carried out in compliance with its powers of prevention of occupational risks, for which it will have the obligation to ensure that these behaviors do not affect fundamental rights, such as the violation of intimate or reserved […]

Lawyer Brandes: “I like to be in control” – Munich

The lawyer Antje Brandes represents abused women and children in court. Who is particularly at risk, what she criticizes about German criminal law and what she thinks she can recognize, what judges think in the process. Interview by Susi Wimmer When Antje Brandes is boiling inside, the courtroom is quiet for a split second. She […]

Bulgarians can be entitled to Hartz IV

40465 (c) W PRODUCTION/ Those who only stay in Germany to look for work are generally not entitled to Hartz IV. However, employees from the EU are entitled to benefits if there is no abuse of the EU law on freedom of movement. display There is no abuse of the EU right of freedom of […]

Smokers are not entitled to online testing

42692 (c) Johnstocker – A student would rather take an exam at home than on site, as a smoker he belongs to a particularly high-risk group. However, this argument was unsuccessful in court. display A student is not allowed to take a face-to-face exam in the corona pandemic as an online exam. This was […]