Elementary school teachers are not entitled to the same salary as teachers

16.05.2022 Elementary school teachers are not entitled to be paid like teachers. This was decided by the 26th Chamber of the Düsseldorf Administrative Court in two judgments announced today in a public session, thereby dismissing the complaints of two elementary school teachers. The plaintiffs are classified as civil servants for life in salary group A […]

40 charges in Encrochat cases so far

48457 The Moabit Criminal Court, the seat of the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, which investigates Encrochat in its own special department. Photo: ebenart/stock.adobe.com Criminals also use the encrypted messenger service Encrochat for their business. When it was cracked in 2020, prosecutors across Europe benefited from it. However, evaluating the data is difficult – and perhaps […]

Musk doubts Twitter: too few ‘real’ users?

48442 Was Elon Musk just trying to pass the time? The Twitter takeover is now on hold. Image: fewerton | stock.adobe.com Advertisement Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is on hold. According to its own information, the investor wants to deal more intensively with the composition of the user base. The fact that there are many […]

Actu // The subject of working time at the heart of the news

Written by ID CiTé on 05/11/2022 Between a strong political context, a health crisis, an international crisis and its economic consequences, the subject of working time is at the heart of the news. Small illustration by talking about managers’ relationship to time, the lengthening of life (and work), and atypical hours and their consequences. In […]

The passage of migrants through Panama on the way to the United States is triggered

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Migrants who crossed the Darién region totaled 13,425 people in the first quarter of 2022, more than double that of 2021 Migrants who crossed the dangerous and remote Darién region, which separates Colombia from Panama, heading for North America, totaled 13,425 people in the first quarter of 2022, more than double […]

Money back only if you book it yourself

47989 It is not irrelevant who booked the flight ticket to be reimbursed, says the LG Berlin. Photo: travnikovstudio – stock.adobe.com Anyone who wants the money back for the tickets of a canceled flight must have booked and paid for the flight themselves with the airline, the LG Berlin decided. It interpreted the EU passenger […]

Travel deficiencies on cruises: reduction even through no fault of the organizer / …

29.03.2022 – 18:15 Kreuzfahrt-Anwalt.de Nuremberg (ots) Itinerary changes and port failures are very common phenomena on cruises. There are plenty of reasons for this: bad weather, occupied berth or other “unforeseeable” circumstances. “Those affected can also assert claims for a reduction in the travel price against the organizer if the itinerary is changed through no […]

Russian court bans Facebook and Instagram

47896 Russian citizens can no longer use Facebook and Instagram. Photo: MichaelJBerlin – stock.adobe.com Because the Facebook group Meta allows calls for violence against Russian troops in Ukraine, the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have now been banned in Russia as “extremist”. advertisement Russia bans Facebook and Instagram. The ban comes as no surprise, […]

LG Stuttgart condemns Mercedes-Benz Bank AG in the car loan revocation

18.03.2022 – 12:41 Hahn Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB Hamburg (ots) In a recent judgment of March 10, 2022 – 12 O 18/22 – the Stuttgart Regional Court found that the contract documents of Mercedes-Benz Bank AG for car financing are incorrect and that the loan and purchase agreement can still be reversed years later by means […]

No money for business closures in lockdown

47863 Tables and chairs in an enclosed beer garden – Image: Christian Schwier – stock.adobe.com A restaurateur family from Brandenburg suffered high losses because they had to close for weeks during the pandemic. A claim for compensation against the state does not exist, as the BGH decided. advertisement According to a ruling by the Federal […]