Plasma therapy against Covid 19: beacon of hope in Ypsilon form

This molecular structure in the image section shows a so-called gamma globulin, i.e. an antibody of class G. The human immune system acts against viruses with such proteins: the antibodies are specifically shaped and attach to the surface of the pathogen to prevent them from attacking new cells. Picture: Science Photo Library Those who have […]

The right solution for Africa

LIiberia’s President George Weah is now adopting a different strategy than his counterparts in Italy, France, Brazil or the United States: he is now singing against Covid-19. “Let’s stand together and fight the corona virus” is the name of the song that he recorded with a gospel choir. “It could be your mother, your father, […]

How disease X became an epidemic

In Wuhan, no one dares to go public without a mask, and some Chinese also put on plastic bags and rubber gloves. Picture: dpa It was to be expected that an unknown pathogen would spread worldwide. Only in the case of the coronavirus it happens much faster than expected. Vor almost four years ago, a […]