Post Vac Syndrome – The Forgotten Vaccination Victims | Germany | DW

In March 2021, exactly two years ago, when the number of Corona infections in Germany is increasing rapidly, hairdressers are still allowed to open again and the vaccination campaign is stuttering, Sascha Schwartz can hardly wait for his vaccination appointment. Like so many Germans, he wants to give back a piece of freedom with the […]

Corona: Further measures should end early on March 1st

Deutschland “Virus manageable in everyday life” Further corona measures should end early on March 1st Stand: 14.02.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes Further corona measures should end on March 1st The pandemic is losing its terror. From March 1st, most of the corona measures that are still in force will no longer apply. But isn’t […]

Corona protective measures should end early on March 1st – politics

The obligation to wear masks and tests for employees in the healthcare system and residents in care facilities will end early on March 1st. This is announced by the Federal Ministry of Health. On Tuesday, the ministry agreed on this with the health ministries of the federal states. The nationwide regulations were originally supposed to […]

Karl Lauterbach calculates with Corona measures

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach takes a critical look back at past corona measures. Some measures were “nonsense”. Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has again criticized errors in the fight against the corona pandemic. “What was nonsense, if I can speak so freely, these rules are out there,” said Lauterbach on the ZDF program […]

Corona policy: German school closures deal with the European Court of Human Rights

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No more masks on buses and trains

Mask at the train station Some federal states such as Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein had already abolished the obligation to wear masks in local public transport. (Photo: IMAGO/IPA Photo) Berlin It’s over after almost three years: the nationwide mask requirement in long-distance trains and buses will expire on Thursday. This is also the case in […]

These statutory health insurance companies are becoming more expensive

health insurance cards Some large health insurance companies are only increasing the contributions moderately – but could follow suit again next year. (Photo: dpa) Berlin, Munich Many citizens not only have to pay significantly more for heating and electricity – statutory health insurance will also be more expensive this year. Federal Minister of Health Karl […]

Lauterbach corrects a statement on the consequences of Corona’s immune deficiency

Rewrite this content BHealth Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has corrected his statement that several infections with the corona virus could trigger an “immune deficiency that can no longer be cured” in those affected. In an interview with the newspaper “Rheinische Post”, which was published over the weekend, Lauterbach referred to scientific studies on this question […]

End already at carnival 2023?

Rewrite this content The mask requirement in hospitals could soon end. Bavaria would have nothing against an earlier end to the corona protection measures. One expert calls this “irrational”. There has been tremendous momentum in corona policy. From the beginning of February, masks will no longer be compulsory in local and long-distance traffic. Even […]