Intensive care physicians give the all-clear for Corona: “Seriously ill patients are a rarity”

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Corona vaccination obligation: Nurses and doctors no longer need vaccination – politics

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is moving away from the institution-related vaccination requirement. This was announced on Monday from those close to the ministry. Lauterbach now considers the regulation, which obliges the staff of health and nursing facilities to be vaccinated against the corona virus, to be “not worth continuing” and “hardly justifiable from a […]

Corona pandemic: Lauterbach’s vaccination letters cost around 50 million

Exclusive The Federal Minister of Health has had letters sent to the over-60s asking them to be vaccinated against Corona. However, the action is quite expensive. Many people over the age of 60 have received mail from the Minister of Health. “It is still dangerous to contract the virus,” writes Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and […]

More money for doctors with faster appointments

BERLIN “This is an important step against two-tier medicine,” the minister summed up. “Getting an appointment with a specialist must finally be much easier than before.” On Sunday, his ministry said on request that the placement fee for the general practitioner depends on the successful appointment placement. “The amount of the specialist doctor’s fee depends […]

Munich: Reiter counters Lauterbach in the Wiesn dispute – Munich

Was it right to let the Oktoberfest take place? And that without any restrictions? Despite the corona incidence, which has now climbed to around 1500, even if there are hardly any serious illnesses? Despite the worrying situation in the hospital emergency centers because more staff are absent than ever before? Or is the question about […]

Compulsory testing: Infection Protection Act changed – Federal Council deletes Corona

After a corona infection, teachers, daycare workers and nursing staff in children’s homes can go to work without a negative corona test result. This provides for an amendment to the Infection Protection Act, which the Federal Council approved in its meeting on Friday. Teaching, educational and nursing staff in schools, day care centers or children’s […]

Lauterbach comments on corona protection measures in nursing homes – politics

The Omikron autumn wave is just rolling in, confirmed Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach in the press conference on Thursday. The number of new infections is increasing almost everywhere, particularly in and around Munich, where the Oktoberfest ended on Monday. Although most infections are mild, the wave is now also reaching hospitals. Station occupancy […]

Corona bed occupancy in Munich is increasing sharply – dpa

AEven after the end of the Oktoberfest, the Corona wave continues to roll in Munich. On Tuesday, the city reported a total of 478 hospital beds occupied by corona patients in normal, intensive care and transitional wards. That was an increase of 61 percent from Tuesday last week. Compared to the last day before the […]