The mask requirement still applies here

These days, the mask requirement for shopping or leisure is falling in almost all federal states. Nevertheless, there are still some shops or leisure facilities that still require mouth and nose protection. Only Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are taking even tougher action: there is a state-wide hotspot regulation and the mask requirement continues to apply […]

Verdi calls for warning strikes in retail

During the corona pandemic, many retail workers lost their income. Now they are calling for greater protection through better collective agreements. With warning strikes in the retail trade, the Verdi union wants to emphasize its demand for higher wages in many cities in Lower Saxony on Friday. “Even employees whose companies were temporarily closed due […]

Globus & Edeka come to these locations

Aachen,Breslauer Strasse North Rhine-Westphalia Takeover by Kaufland on February 1, 2021 Ansbach,Residenzstraße Bayern Closing on September 30, 2021 Aschaffenburg, Horchstrasse Bayern Takeover by Edeka on September 3, 2021 Augsburg-Koenigsbrunn, Föllstrasse Bayern Closing on January 31, 2021 Bayreuth,Karl-von-Linde-Strasse Bayern Closing on January 31, 2022 Mountains on Rügen,Ringstraße Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Takeover by Kaufland on July 19, 2021 […]

Top manager Melanie Köhler is leaving the Schwarz Group

Melanie Koehler The departure of the 30-year-old top manager comes as a surprise. (Photo: Schwarz Group) Düsseldorf A hopeful collaboration ended with a thin sentence. “Melanie Köhler is leaving the company at her own request in order to pursue her professional and personal development outside the Schwarz Group,” it says in an internal message from […]

Employees demand more money: Strike in the retail trade in Hof

Hof – Retail employees, especially those in the food sector, are publicly valued in the pandemic. But not from employers, say the union. A strike was therefore also called in Hof. Before the Marktkauf and Kaufland, employees gathered for a warning strike on Wednesday, as the service union Verdi announced. .

Kaufland calls the competition: No one will soon find less than 25,000 on the payroll

The Kaufland retail chain will increase the minimum wage of its employees full-time to 25,000 crowns from June, and temporary workers will also be added. Specialized positions will also receive additional bonuses for expertise. The company stated this in a press release on Monday. Kaufland thus joins the competition, which in many cases increased wages […]

According to the Cartel Office, these Real branches can be taken over

The sale at Real continues: Actually, competitor Edeka wanted to take over up to 72 locations of the department store chain. The cartel office had concerns about some branches. Because of the resistance of the Federal Cartel Office, the grocer Edeka has to make significant cuts in its plans to take over up to 72 […]