China’s dramatic decline in new cases since the outbreak

China has claimed to have passed the “peak” of the coronavirus outbreak, with the country having the lowest number of daily cases in months. On Wednesday, mainland China had 11 deaths from the COVID-19 virus and 15 new infections, compared to 24 cases the day before. This is less than about 2,000 daily cases registered […]

Which countries are safe from virus outbreak?

While at home, Australians are encouraged to do business as usual, it’s a different matter for travelers. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has again extended the Australian travel ban to Italian people following a similar ban on South Korea, China and Iran. In addition to level 4 warnings for China, Iran, Italy, and parts of South […]

Italy blocks Milan, 16 million people in Lombardy, as the number of deaths increases

Italy was plunged into chaos after the prime minister announced a major coronavirus quarantine that affected approximately a quarter of the country’s population to contain the outbreak. In its most drastic move to date, the Italian government has blocked the entire region of Lombardy in the north of the country, including Milan, and at least […]

Official data from China say that a quarter of the new viruses came from elsewhere

About a quarter of the newly confirmed cases in China and almost all cases outside the epicenter of the Wuhan epidemic came from abroad, according to official sources. Most of these cases, including infections by Chinese nationals infected with the virus abroad, affected the northwest Chinese province of Gansu among quarantined passengers traveling on commercial […]

New case of virus confirmed in Toowong, Brisbane

A 20-year-old man from China has been confirmed as the tenth person infected with the coronavirus in Queensland. The man is currently in a stable and isolated condition at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. The man had traveled to Dubai for at least 14 days before entering Australia, through Brisbane on February 23. He […]

The man shows no symptoms for 27 days.

A man has begun to develop symptoms of coronavirus 27 days after coming into contact with an infected person, which makes authorities fear for the worst. A 70-year-old man in the Chinese province of Hubei was infected with coronavirus but showed no symptoms until almost four weeks later, the Chinese government said yesterday. This could […]

South Korea outbreak linked to worship

An outbreak of coronavirus in South Korea dates back to a mysterious church of the cult of the end of the world. The outbreak has seen the number of coronavirus patients in the country jump to 104, with one death, as two large groups of cases have been exposed. It is believed that a member […]

China changes virus count method in Hubei

The number of new cases of coronavirus may be decreasing in China, but a health expert has made a bleak discovery about some patients who have recovered. “We must not be relaxed. The figure may increase again, ”Zhao Jianping, who leads a team of experts working to contain the outbreak in Hubei. He said there […]

Sample of Chinese military deployment is lying about virus

China is calling on its armed forces to reinforce exhausted health workers and apply new and strict quarantine measures imposed on the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus outbreak when a seventh medical worker dies from the disease. On Tuesday, Wuhan’s health office announced that the hospital’s director, Liu Zhiming, died of a coronavirus despite all […]

China’s 17-day delay in the release of the COVID-19 genome sequence

The World Health Organization warns that attempts to curb the international spread of coronavirus infections are failing. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, general director of the World Health Organization, said that if the disease were not contained, it could wreak havoc worldwide. He also warned that the virus was “more powerful in bringing serious consequences than any […]