To strengthen the rule of law and anti-corruption measures, a special council will be formed under the leadership of the Prime Minister – in Latvia – News

Kariņš emphasized that the government had previously managed to deal with a “very difficult situation” in the financial sector, as Latvia was in danger of entering the so-called “black” or “gray” list. At that time, a special council was set up under the auspices of the Prime Minister to address this issue, bringing together all […]

Petraviča opposes ratification of Istanbul Convention – Family – – Woman

In an interview with TV3 “900 Seconds” this morning, Petraviča said that she, as a representative of the Ministry of Welfare (MoW), would not advance Latvia’s accession to this convention. Asked whether there was anything undesirable in the international document, the minister replied that “the convention is presented as a document that protects women from […]