Kylie Jenner showed the most real side of breastfeeding and many mothers feel identified

Motherhood isn’t easy, even for celebrities like Kylie Jennerwho must face challenges such as breastfeeding, a stage that can be painful, demanding and exhausting for many. Even loaded with ‘accidents’ as happened to the influencer when she recorded a video for her TikTok account, that instead of deleting it or refraining from publishing it, wanted […]

Kylie Jenner shows off her full post-baby body for the first time

Compliments hailed in the comments. One fan commented, “You look amazing!” Another fan wrote, “I wish I looked like this after having my second child!” However, looks can be deceiving. In a video, Kylie Jenner shared with her fans and revealed how she’s really doing. “It’s not easy mentally, physically and spiritually. It was crazy. […]

Is pregnant Kylie Jenner expecting a boy?

Kylie Jenner can rely on her fans – a commercial posting and speculation starts. The mother-to-be has not yet announced whether she is expecting a boy or a girl. And their name ideas have also remained a secret so far. It doesn’t matter, after all, her followers have their own thoughts as they ponder what […]

Kylie Jenner spent months trying to get pregnant with baby # 2

As early as 2018, Kylie revealed on Snapchat that she wanted to have a big family: “Do I want another child? I want another child – the only question is when. At this moment I am not ready and I do not know when I will be ready. But yes, if it is me, I […]