Airbus crisis: More than 2,200 jobs in Hamburg affected – News

Location: 02.07.2020 19:04 o’clock – NDR 90.3 Airbus plans to cut 5,100 jobs at its German locations due to the Corona crisis – the European aircraft manufacturer had already announced this on Tuesday evening. On Thursday, the management spoke for the first time to the works councils at the German locations about details of how […]

Airbus Appeal: Longer short-time allowance against clear cutting | – News

Location: 01.07.2020 17:26 o’clock – NDR 90.3 Airbus plans to cut 5,100 jobs at its German locations due to the Corona crisis – the European aircraft manufacturer announced on Tuesday evening. The company is now appealing to the federal government to extend the statutory short-time work to two years. As a result, significantly fewer jobs […]

Country plans non-sales Sundays | – News

As of 01.07.2020 09:44 a.m. – NDR 1 Lower Saxony The country wants to enable four additional open Sundays to strengthen retail. (Subject image) In order to stimulate the economy in the Corona crisis, Lower Saxony wants to approve four open Sundays between August and November. That reports NDR 1 Lower Saxony. The aim of […]

Two health workers die from COVID-19 in Barranquilla

In Barranquilla, the coronavirus continues to claim the lives of personnel associated with the health sector. On Saturday night, the Union of the Metropolitan University Hospital Foundation (Sintrafun) denounced the death of Luis González and Edinson Olmos because of this disease. Through a video broadcast on social networks, José Camargo, president of the union, explained […]

Verdi boss Frank Werneke calls for stimulus package

Dusseldorf Verdi boss Frank Werneke is campaigning for massive government incentives to get the economy stunted by the corona crisis back on track. “We now need an economic stimulus package in the order of three to four percent of the gross domestic product – about 100 to 150 billion euros,” Werneke told Handelsblatt. Together with […]

Europe rediscovers “Schengen” – morning briefing

Dear readers, imagine you were living in German-French border area, had moved freely in both countries over the years and happily followed the initiatives of a common region. And now all of a sudden you find plastic cuboids as reincarnation of something related to Schengen and the internal market seemed done: borders. So you would […]

Corona crisis: suspended and postponed (

There are rather no rallies and warning strikes like 2018. Photo: dpa / Lino Mirgeler It went so well: For the first time since the turn, employees in the Saxon food industry went on a warning strike. They organized themselves at Frosta, Bautzner Mustard and Cargill. It is about equalizing wages at western level, specifically […]

IG-Metall-Chef: Extend unemployment benefit period

Berlin These are not easy times for the metal and electrical industry. Production was already five percent below the previous year’s level in 2019. The economic downturn as a result of international trade disputes and the Brexit uncertainty weighed on the key industry. In addition, there is the structural change, the automobile manufacturers and their […]