Ukrainian refugees in Berlin – between emergency room and integration

Graffiti workshop at the Humboldt Community School in Prenzlauer Berg. Ten lower school students sprayed a dove of peace with a rainbow on a large electrical box in the schoolyard. Among the students was nine-year-old Lev. He’s going to a welcome class that opened a few days ago. Lew speaks a little English and meanwhile […]

Clear-cutting at P&O causes chaos: truck traffic jams and outraged vacationers

Traffic jam outside the ferry terminal at Dover For the UK economy, it is another blow after the major problems caused by the corona pandemic and Brexit. (Photo: AP) Dover They normally carry tourists and trucks, but unprecedented scenes have unfolded on P&O Ferries’ vessels following the surprise layoff of all 800 crew members. On […]

Labor market – Offenbach am Main – alliance promotes dual training – career

Offenbach / Main (dpa) – Young people currently have very good chances of finding an apprenticeship in Hesse. An alliance of politics and business in Offenbach pointed this out on Thursday. “The chances of finding an apprenticeship now are enormous,” said Managing Director Bettina Wolf from the regional office of the employment agency. If you […]

When the Demographic Dividend Becomes a Mortgage | Blogs Never Mind the Markets

The Japanese government funds so-called matchmaking projects that use artificial intelligence. Thanks to this initiative, lonely hearts should find each other and provide for offspring as quickly as possible. Because the island state has a few things ahead of the rest of the world, but nowhere else is the population turning gray as quickly as […]

According to the Study on the Future of Work 2022, 72% of companies do not have a clear strategy for hybrid work

Dallas and Melbourne, Australia, March 3, 2022 (Reuters) /PRNewswire/ – Following the rapid response to Covid-19, leaders are calling for a realignment of strategy and technology to support hybrid work AT&T* and Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber) today announced the results of primary market research examining executive and employee attitudes towards Covid-enabled hybrid working. […]

Business cycle – Corona and Ukraine war: bad news for the economy – economy

Nuremberg (dpa) – According to experts, the Ukraine war as the second major shock wave after the pandemic will slow down the German economy, but initially will hardly leave any traces on the labor market. Unemployment has recently been steadily declining. “The unemployment rate is currently at an all-time low,” says Deutsche Bank economist Marc […]

Borrowers need not fear an immediate explosion in interest rates

Central banks around the world are announcing imminent rate hikes. Accordingly, this should also threaten Switzerland. Does this mean the end of the dream of owning your own home? Thomas Jordan, President of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief Interest rates will soon be raised in the US and […]

DGB speaks of a “huge mistake”: mini-job limit should rise to 520 euros

DGB speaks of “huge mistake” Mini-job limit should rise to 520 euros 01/29/2022, 5:49 p.m From October, mini-jobbers should be able to earn more per month than the previous 450 euros. The traffic light coalition wants to raise the limit by 70 euros. While FDP boss Lindner sees a “chance for a little more net”, […]