Over a hundred bookstores are trying to deconfinate books

“Click and collect“,”pickup“,”drive“: What is happening is so new that we have not yet found a word in French to say it. In any case, the bookstores – closed since March 16 and today in the red like many other local shops – have been opening their doors for a few days to allow you […]

Bob Dylan, back in the maze

Álvaro Alonso Updated:04/21/2020 01: 47h save In 1972 the experimental musician Gavin Bryars It made the students who were resting in the cafeteria of their school in Leicester cry, having heard behind the door, that they had forgotten to close, the voice of a tramp reciting verses about a minimal string accompaniment sequenced towards infinity. […]

“Qüity and Cleo” are going to party her to the Virgin

It’s a bit like “Qüity and Cleo at the Villa»(And, in addition, with the Virgin) as there is Martine at the sea. Except that not at all. These are lives of misery filled with riches told with a catchy fantasy that explains this title, Full of grace. “Villa” here does not mean luxury but slum, […]

“Where is Jimi Hendrix?” Cyprus against and against doggie

The indestructible geopolitical situation of Cyprus with its Greek and Turkish parts provides the framework for comedy Where is Jimi Hendrix? by Marios Piperides, in which a musician, Yiannis, without big plans, indebted to the neck in an apartment in Nicosia for which he has not paid the rent for months, decides to leave the […]

Caroline Wells Chandler, skillful hooks

Merry psychedelic drills explode on the walls of the Eric Mouchet gallery in Paris (VIe). Woven on a crochet hook with a thick thread, these funny creatures, sort of shaggy elves, straight out of Caroline Wells Chandler’s imagination, dance in circles, make entrechats, levitate and spread their legs, a bit exhibitionist. Vulva, anus and penis […]