Land of Fire

▷ Xbox Series X and S will allow us to uninstall parts of a video game that we are not interested in to save space

It will be an optional feature that developers may or may not implement. The start of the new generation is right around the corner and the new hardware that Sony Y Microsoft They are going to offer us promises to mark a before and after in the world of video games. We practically know new … Read more

What is the new life of “Renolito”, the reckless trucker? | Chronicle

Just under a month ago, on June 30, it went viral Renolito: the reckless trucker who filmed himself singing and doing dangerous maneuvers on the snowy roads of southern Argentina, videos that can still be seen today at The man, Leonardo Mokfalvi, ended up dumping about 80 kilometers from Güer Aike, near Río Gallegos. … Read more