Last generation fells a tree at the Chancellery in Berlin

KClimate protection demonstrators felled a smaller tree in front of the Chancellery in Berlin on Tuesday morning. The police were on duty because of the activists at the government building, as a spokesman said. The protest group “Last Generation” wrote on Twitter about the action: “Economy and politics are sawing at the branches on which […]

Shrove Monday parade in Düsseldorf: Putin bathes in blood

Shortly before the beginning of the Shrove Monday parade in Düsseldorf, this year’s theme floats were shown. Among other things, you can see Putin bathing in blood. Putin bathes in blood and a mullah gets tangled up in the hair of an Iranian woman: the Düsseldorf carnivalists again have biting messages ready for the fools. […]

Climate glue – so they plan new mega-protest in Vienna – Vienna

The climate stickers start the second wave of protests. From Monday, February 13th, important traffic arteries in Vienna are to be blocked again. “Tomorrow we will continue the hopeful and peaceful resistance. At 8 a.m. at the Secession on Karlsplatz. For first immediate measures such as #Tempo100 on highways instead of expanding deadly, fossil-fuel infrastructure […]

Glued to a Rubens painting: Munich issues penal orders against climate activists

Glued to Rubens painting Munich issues penal orders against climate activists 11/18/2022, 9:28 am The damage is immense. The Munich Pinakothek estimate around 11,000 euros after a campaign by the “Last Generation” to glue a painting by Peter Paul Rubens. Three climate activists will be fined for their protest. Two of them are defending themselves […]

Climate stickers paralyze commuter traffic in Berlin with road blockades

According to the police, eight so-called climate activists blocked the Frankfurter Allee in the direction of the city center at the Frankfurter Tor. Three of them would have glued themselves to the asphalt. last generation The now almost everyday theater began shortly after 7 a.m.: “Climate activists” blocked several motorway entrances and exits in several […]

Climate activists are once again stuck on Wiener Ring

Von . – 17.10.2022 09:27 (Akt. 17.10.2022 11:57) On Monday, climate activists stuck to the road on the Vienna Ring. ©Last Generation Austria/Twitter Climate activists of the “last generation” glued themselves to the Vienna Ring again on Monday morning. The activists obstructed traffic in the area of ​​the Schottentor stop. In order to protest for […]

That’s behind the activists of the “Last Generation” – SWR Aktuell

In Freiburg they block expressways, in Stuttgart they distribute discarded food that is still edible. The protests of the “last generation” are getting louder. What drives you? Also this week they block expressways and motorway exits again. They call it civil disobedience – or nonviolent resistance. The activists of the group “Uprising of the Last […]