Taylor Swift the great winner of the American Music Awards

The interpreter also prevailed in the female rock / pop shortlist, and Justin Bieber did the same in the male category The delivery of statuettes of the American Music Awards 2020 to the best of music, took place last Sunday from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The celebration took place in the virtual and […]

What the First Global Bee Map Shows and Why It Matters

Scientists have managed for the first time to map the distribution of the 20,000 species of bees that exist on the planet. The new global map will help in the conservation of the insects on which humanity depends for the pollination of crops, say researchers from Singapore and China. Bees face enormous pressure on their […]

Hot oceans, fuel for hurricanes -Colombia news

During the last month, Colombia has suffered a crisis due to heavy rains and floods as a result of the La Niña phenomenon and the transformation of tropical cyclone Iota in Category 5 hurricane, whose eye passed 18 kilometers from the island of Providencia and that destroyed more than 98 percent of its infrastructure. We […]

7 municipalities of Boyacá would not consume water due to contamination

Suspend the supply of water for human consumption derived from Lake Tota for the municipalities of Sogamoso, Nobsa, Aquitania, Iza, Tota, Cuítiva and Firavitoba, It is one of the claims pursued by the tutela action that was filed by Diego Fernando Trujillo Marín, Deputy Attorney for Environmental and Agrarian Affairs, and Alicia López Alfonso, Attorney […]

Environmentalists reply to the oil union’s criticism of the Attorney General’s Office

If it did not have a scientific basis, the oil tankers union cataloged the the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation made the Council of State declare null the regulatory framework that allows the development of this technique of hydrocarbon exploitation in unconventional deposits in Colombia. The Public Ministry considered that fracking it […]

Police Track Car Driver Who Killed 2-Year-Old Girl | ÁNCASH | The industry

The person responsible for the terrible death of a two-year-eight-month-old girl has not yet come forward. The Police have traveled to find the whereabouts of the driver of the car that ran over a mother and her two minor children. Unfortunately the minor lost her life. Meanwhile, his brother, one year and six months old, […]

Prosecutor’s Office says it is not compatible with the development of Colombia

A new rejection of the practice of fracking in Colombia came to put pressure on the national government. The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation joined the voices that for several years have been opposing the development of this technique of exploitation of hydrocarbons (gas and oil) in unconventional fields. The Public Ministry […]