United States donated 200 ventilators for coronavirus pandemic

The Colombian government received this Wednesday in Bogotá 200 portable respirators donated by the United States that will serve to reinforce the hospital infrastructure that cares for patients affected by the coronavirus, official sources reported. The United States Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg, also announced a contribution of seven million dollars to strengthen food security […]

Baby is abandoned by his parents in a cardboard box

An unfortunate fact was reported in the last hours. Baby is abandoned by her parents in a cardboard box. This case occurred in the Villamare neighborhood of the Aguachica municipality, south of Cesar. Tuesday night, a baby with only a few hours old was discovered in a cardboard box and wrapped in a sheet. The […]

Communication failures, the other evil of Cali during the pandemic

The false starts and disinformation generated by the Mayor’s Office of Jorge Iván Ospina have been a scene repeated during the health emergency that the country is going through. On several occasions, the measures announced by the president and his officials are contradictory and, in addition, differ from what is published on official social networks. […]

Puerta de Oro Events Center opens as a hospital against the coronavirus in Barranquilla

In order to serve a larger number of patients. Puerta de Oro Events Center opened as a hospital against the coronavirus in Barranquilla. The Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla announced the opening of its fair space to attend to older adults who are infected. The District’s crisis manager, Juan Manuel Alvarado, unveiled this measure that he […]

Coronavirus news: How many people suffer from depression in Colombia from COVID-19

The figures in the country are not encouraging at all, according to Dane. How many people suffer from depression in Colombia from COVID-19? The pandemic has not only affected the Colombian pocket, but also its interior. According to one of the sections of the surveys carried out by the Dane, 8.5 million Colombians have had […]

Coronavirus: There is no hope for when the coronavirus pandemic ends.

The end of the pandemic is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) “not even close” because, although many countries have managed to control the spread of the coronavirus, others are seeing the virus re-emerge and the global trend is an acceleration of infections. There is no hope for when the coronavirus pandemic ends. This […]