Nasdaq suspends listing on China’s Luckin Coffee | Markets

The trading of the shares of the Chinese chain of coffee shops Luckin Coffee, popularly known as the ‘Chinese Starbucks’, will be suspended this Monday by Nasdaq, where they will no longer be listed, after the manager of the US technology market decided to expel the Asian company for falsifying its accounts. As confirmed by […]

Hospitals fire in the U.S. because coronavirus pays less

Nearly a million and a half people have lost their jobs in the healthcare sector in the United States since March, including 135,000 in hospitals, the latter’s revenues having been reduced by the drop in the number of non-hospitalized patients. Covid-19. Since March, non-emergency operations and examinations have been canceled in most hospitals across the […]

Trump threatens to suspend Congress

The pandemic has provided Donald Trump with special powers that, far from whetting his appetite for power, have awakened him. After claiming authority to impose his decisions on the governors, under pain of withholding medical aid if they do not bend, the president faced the Senate on Wednesday, which he ordered to expeditiously approve the […]

The ERTE mess, how many are actually affected? | Economy

It was easy. The aim was to report on three data: the total number of temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) submitted by companies to the authorities of the autonomous communities and to the Ministry of Labor itself; the total number of workers affected by these ERTEs, and how many of these employees affected by an […]

Government rectifies simplified lay-off diploma and stops dismissals

A rectification to the initial diploma of the simplified lay-off, published on Saturday, is to ensure that no workers from companies that use this support. The decree-law with the rules and conditions for access to the simplified lay-off, approved and published on Thursday, stipulates in Article 13 that “during the period of application of support […]

Travel agents and coronavirus nervous airlines forces Saudi Arabia to suspend Umrah

Jakarta. Travel agents and airlines rushed to make adjustments when Saudi Arabia suspended the minor Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, or umrah, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Nor are they sure if the Saudi government will open its border for the hajj pilgrimage in July. Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in […]