Social networks: Instagram offers paid subscriptions for influencers

Retaining its influencers is the goal of Instagram, which now offers them paid subscriptions for their followers. Clearly, the most assiduous followers will be able to subscribe to paid subscriptions to follow their favorite influencers. These subscribers will have access to exclusive content such as stories and lives. They will be identified with a specific […]

Memes: These Must-Have Social Media Jokes

For a decade, memes have hijacked news and culture for comic ends. They are on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok… And the followers are millennials and Generation Z. This is a trend that is not about to fade. 20-year-old Hâdiyya Goolfee has been a fan of memes since buying her first phone in 2013. The […]

Residence La Chaux: artistic education to support the holistic development of children

Dance, circus and painting are mediums used as educational tools to support the holistic development of around fifty vulnerable children at Résidence La Chaux. A crowdfunding has been launched to offer a hot meal to these children. This project with vulnerable children from Résidence La Chaux, in Mahébourg, started in October 2020. It was initiated […]

Medical insurance plans: seven companies ordered to pay a fine by the Competition Commission

Seven insurance companies, found guilty of violating article 41 of the Competition Act 2007 were ordered by the Competition Commission, this Thursday, October 7, to pay fines totaling some Rs 11.3 million. The Competition Commission has determined that these firms broke the law by reaching an agreement on the reimbursement amount for medical insurance plans. […]

China: the management of the pandemic as seen by Mauritian students

Four ways of seeing China. As part of the 72nd anniversary of the independence of the People’s Republic of China, which will be celebrated on October 1, we invite you to discover four approaches to the Middle Empire by our compatriots. In this first video, you will discover the experience of Caline Chong and Elvin […]

Death of a positive septuagenarian at ENT hospital: “My father was not vaccinated against Covid-19”, says Adilsha Luximon

Vassoodev Luximon, 77, died at ENT hospital yesterday, Sunday, September 19. This inhabitant of Cassis, had been admitted there since Friday, September 17 after having tested positive for Covid-19 at the Dr AG Jeetoo hospital. “My father was not vaccinated against Covid-19,” his daughter, Adilsha Luximon told RadioPlus at midday on Monday, September 20. Devastated, […]

Shift System : première confrontation Anwar Husnoo-Vinesh Sewsurn

The confrontation between the Minister of Health and the President of the Medical & Health Officers Association finally took place, during Le Grand Journal on Radio Plus on August 8. One thing is certain, there are gray areas in the rotation system that even doctors cannot understand until now. Implemented for more than a year […]

“At the Heart of Info”: the results of Education discussed on the set

The MP and responsible for education in the Labor Party, Mahend Gungapersad, will be the guest of the program “Au Coeur de l’Info” on Radio Plus, this afternoon, Friday August 27th. This former rector will answer questions from Nawaz Noorbux and Jugdish Joypaul. He will take stock of this first quarter of the upset school […]