Mediterranean diet improves cardiovascular health – 01/30/2023 – Balance

Rewrite this content In the 1950s, researchers around the world embarked on a comprehensive and ambitious study. For decades, they analyzed the diets and lifestyles of thousands of middle-aged men living in the United States, Europe and Japan, and then examined how these traits affected their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The Seven Countries Study, […]

Yanomami care center becomes an improvised hospital – 01/25/2023 – Daily life

Rewrite this content On a first day of work, professionals from the National Force of the SUS were faced with serious health cases of Yanomami patients who are at the Casai (Indigenous Health House) in Boa Vista (RR), especially pneumonia, diarrhea and respiratory failure in children, exacerbated by malnutrition. The Casai Yanomami, which was supposed […]

Alcohol is not good for the heart – 01/25/2023 – Drauzio Varella

Rewrite this content Beer with friends, caipirinha before feijoada, few can resist. There are those who abuse frequently, but when we think about the universe of those who drink, most manage to keep their use at low levels. In today’s column, dear reader, I will endeavor to summarize how health services in some industrialized countries […]

Legal abortion and transsexualization cannot be taboos in the SUS, says new secretary – 01/06/2023 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

New national secretary of Primary Health Care, physician Nésio Fernandes, 40, says that the Ministry of Health needs to resume the “civilizing agenda” and decentralize legal abortion services and the transsexualization process in the SUS (Unified Health System), themes fought by Bolsonarist militancy. “The law already says that any maternity hospital can have a legal […]

Cancer in electronic cigarette smokers occurs earlier – 12/11/2022 – Equilibrium

The use of electronic cigarettes increases the chances of cancer and, in addition, the diagnosis of the disease occurs almost 20 years earlier than in conventional smokers. This is what a retrospective study conducted by American universities suggests, based on information from 154,856 patients collected between 2015 and 2018. The unprecedented research, published in the […]

A dengue vaccine – 12/11/2022 – Marcia Castro

Dengue, transmitted by mosquitoes Temples of the Egyptianswas reintroduced in Brazil in the early 1980s. I say reintroduced once the mosquito had been eliminated in Brazil in 1955 and in most of the Americas in the 60s. This happened after intense control campaigns initiated in Brazil with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. Over the years, […]

Uruguay snubs Mercosur and announces entry into treaty – 12/01/2022 – Mercado

This Wednesday (1st) Uruguay formally submitted an application to join the CPTPP (Ample and Progressive Agreement on Transpacific Association), formed by 11 countries from Asia and America, including Chile and Peru. The request comes a day after Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay presented a joint text threatening Uruguay to “adopt any measures it deems necessary to […]

Good food labels can reduce disease – 12/02/2022 – Equilibrium

Improving the labeling of nutritional warnings on food packages can help reduce diseases related to malnutrition, reveals a study published this Thursday (1st). Adopting best practices in the front-end nutrition labeling (FOPNL) system can help reduce cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers, details a study by the University of Nevada, […]