Viktor Proskurin died of the same lung disease that George Danelia and Oleg Efremov

Honored Artist Dies at the 69th Year of Life at a Moscow Hospital on June 30 Of Russia Viktor Proskurin. This was reported on Facebook by his wife Irina Honda. “I’m still in shock. All is unexpected. Like any death, ”she wrote. Victor Fans Proskurina immediately responded and remembered his wonderful work in the cinema: […]

Doctors told how alcohol affects the body over 40 years old

Dermatologist and spokesman for the British Skin Foundation, Professor Nick Lowe, explained that continued drinking can trigger rosacea, a chronic reddening of the skin due to an increase in blood vessels. Also, alcohol can provoke stress and anxiety, resulting in the production of androgen hormones in the body that stimulate the appearance of acne. The […]

US hospitals face major challenges as the corona virus spreads

William Olson, the operations manager of eight Oregon hospitals, was concerned when he was shown a heat map with coronavirus cases and flulike symptoms in patients in seven western states. The maps captured trends for patients in Providence, which owns 51 hospitals, and shared the results with hospital managers early Monday. The Seattle eruption, shown […]

Fashion week: mountains and wonders

Fashion week Saturdays, make way for Japanese designers. In the space of a few hours, we see the parades of Junya Watanabe, Noir (in the morning), and Comme des Garcons (in the afternoon). And every Saturday of fashion week, we take full eyes. At the beginning of the morning, Junya Watanabe launches its collection in […]

Fashion week: fashion tales and legends

The invitation to the parade Loewe took the form of a vinyl on which appears the grinning face of Megan Rapinoe, contemporary heroine (she is one of the first sportsmen to come out), famous American football player (Ballon d’Or 2019) and muse of the season. Nothing really shows from this exchange in the latest collection […]

Fashion week: fashion with raised fists

Marine Serre, neither was anyone else able to predict the coronavirus and its consequences. His fashion, however, has the air of forecasters, with asperities protective masks integrated in some cases into a hood. The French woman’s work has been focused from the start (she launched her brand in 2017) on the ecological disaster that promises […]

Why craftsmanship is still fascinating today

Dusseldorf Some luxury brands have a short hype. Then they disappear again into the fashion cosmos for a few years, in order to try to get back to the top again with a sensational change of designer, often unbelievable celebrity cooperations or a strategic change of direction. A brand that is exempt: Louis Vuitton. The […]

The stylist left Natalia Vetlitskaya

The unsuccessful performance of 55-year-old Natalia Vetlitskaya relishes the blogosphere. The singer, who at the beginning of the “zero” left the stage, gave birth to a daughter and left for permanent residence in Spaindecided to return to Russia and on the stage. Although earlier she spoke unflattering about Russian show business and about our country […]

Can I wear a leather shirt without looking at smarmy?

IF THEY ARE associated with lotharios nightclubs soaked in the Kouros colony, but in their latest and most flexible versions, leather shirts are becoming legitimate heirs of the beloved leather jacket. Just as that hard topper transcended its motorcyclist roots, evolving into a sophisticated option for soft celebrities and NPR parents alike, leather shirts have […]