Migrants leave southern Mexico to protest deadly fire in Ciudad Juárez

The group is made up, in part, of Venezuelan migrants / Photo: AFP Some 2,000 migrants of various nationalities left this Sunday from the southern Mexican state of Chiapas for Mexico City, in protest of the fire that left 40 dead in Ciudad Juárez on the night of March 27. “Today we came out symbolically […]

He vowed a crushing response to any attack on his country and advised the American forces to leave the region … My boss: The Iranian army stands as a bulwark in the face of terrorism

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi affirmed, on Tuesday, that the Iranian army stands as a bulwark in the face of terrorism and defends his country’s interests in the oceans, calling on foreign forces present in the region, especially the American ones, to leave as soon as possible, stressing that any aggression by the Zionist entity against […]

Why do residents leave these regions?

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems in the regions of Azerbaijan. Independent experts justify the high level of internal and external migration in the country with this. However, the published official figures did not allow measuring the real level of migration. The population census conducted in 2019 helps to find an answer to […]

Clashes in Sudan leave at least 56 civilians dead and 595 injured

Tensions between the Army and the RSF have been increasing in recent months, / Photo: Notiamérica The number of civilian fatalities from clashes in Sudan between the regular army and paramilitaries rose to 56, while 595 people have been injured, including soldiers, the Sudan Doctors Union reported on its Twitter page on Sunday. Likewise, the […]

Mane may leave Bayern

Bayern striker Sadio Mane is likely to leave the team soon. This was reported by insider Florian Plettenberg, Day.Az reports with reference to Gazeta.ru. It’s all about the conflict between Mane and his teammate Leroy Sane. The Senegalese hit a teammate after the first match of the Champions League quarter-finals, in which the German team […]

Health resumes the second reading of mammograms against breast cancer

The second reading on mammograms of the breast cancer prevention programand will perform again from this month. Health sources have confirmed that a week ago there was a meeting of the Department of Health with representatives of the Radiology Society of the Valencian Community and of the radiologists reading these tests in the screening program. […]

Heavy rains and landslides leave craters up to 70 meters deep in Brazil

Las strong rains that fell during the last days in the Brazilian state of Maranhão caused craters that reach the 70 meters deep and 500 meters long in the municipality of Buriticupu. There, for the ground slides, 27 families were forced to leave their homes, the G1 portal reported. Buriticupu is a city in the […]