Tony Allen, legendary drummer and pioneer of Afrobeat, died in Paris

Nigerian musician Tony Allen, drummer and creator of Afrobeat alongside his compatriot Fela Kuti, died on Thursday April 30 in Paris at the age of 79, his manager told AFP. ” The cause of death is not known “Said Eric Trosset, adding that he was not killed by the Covid-19 virus. ” He was in […]

Legendary drummer Tony Allen, one of the creators of Afrobeat, dies

The legendary Nigerian drummer and songwriter Tony Allen, one of the creators of the afrobeat style, died in Paris at the age of 79, his representative, Eric Trosset, reported today. Goodbye Tony! Your eyes saw what most couldn’t see. You are the coolest person on Earth. As you used to say, ‘there is no end’, […]

The history of the legendary Harley-Davidson XR750 model, which turns 50

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/23/2020 02: 04h save Related news This year 2020, the XR750 model of Harley-Davidson celebrates its 50th anniversary. During this half century, the XR750 has participated in Flat Track competitions and has been loved by the entire American Flat Track (AFT) paddock to this day. Jon Bekefy, CEO of Global Brand Marketing […]

Top 5 interesting facts about the VAZ-2101 revealed “AvtoVAZ”

The Russian auto giant recalled the upcoming anniversary of the VAZ-2101, sharing archived photos and curious facts about the legendary model. If it were not for the coronavirus pandemic, AvtoVAZ would hold mass events on April 19 both in Tolyatti and in other Russian cities, because the VAZ-2101 was the first model released at the […]

Chic body kit LADA 4×4 struck the net

It turns out that the legendary Russian SUV can be premium. The developers of Russian engineering companies do not even think about the fact that manufactured cars with small modifications can compete with foreign premium cars. Apparently, it’s profitable for such brands to produce unpretentious auto junk, so that later the owners themselves create masterpieces. […]