Kia Niro and e-Niro 2022

We drove the car in Liguria, which is in the northwest of Italy, west of Genoa. If you go for this, be aware that in Italy, cappuccino can be ordered until 11 a.m. due to its high milk content, if you stick to the coffee culture here. But back to the hybrid on the 225/45 […]

Test: Opel Grandland 1,5D

There is nothing divisive or memorable about the form There is nothing divisive or memorable about the form Share a photo: The new grille is barely valid in black The new grille is barely valid in black Share a photo: The first bumper is also new The first bumper is also new Share a photo: […]

Cadillac Escalade-V 2023 | Vezess

Cadillac introduced the V Series in 2004, which brings together the sporty versions of the current model range. There’s a lot to keep in mind about the Escalade, not just the sportiness, yet now a high-performance version of this 5.4-tonne, 5.4-meter, chassis giant, which weighs 2.8 tons when empty. No more powerful recreational vehicle has […]

Not just any engine gets a Ferrari SUV

As previously reported, in line with market trends, Ferrari has also given in, so it is expected that the first Italian recreational vehicle, the rival Lamborghini Urus, will be unveiled in 2023. In the form of a pre-production model, several images of the Purosangue crossover have been leaked, which were later deleted, but more details […]

Test: Lexus UX 300e

In the passenger compartment, you can already feel that despite the electric and modern electric UX, the basic model is no longer a piece of today. The interior of the UX, unveiled in 2018, is no longer as exciting as we’re used to in electric cars today, but that shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. […]

Driven by: Škoda Karoq NU, 2022

All Škoda models are now based on one of the sub-versions of the MQB modular system, the modular cross-motor cabinet, since the Fabia model change. Karoq is based on the MQB A1, with SEAT Ateca and Volkswagen T-Roc being the two closest relatives within the group. The primary goal of Škoda Karoq’s further development is […]

Smart # 1 2022 | Lead

The very length of the very first Smart was 2.5 meters, and even the second model did not exceed 2.7 meters. In comparison, the first new generation of the brand, Smart # 1, which has been a joint venture between German Daimler and Chinese Geely since 2019, has not a full body length but a […]

We drove: Nissan Ariya

Since Nissan doesn’t believe in plug-in rechargeable cordless hybrids, the Ariya isn’t made as a plug-in hybrid either, it only comes with a purely electric drive. The brand is so heavily prepared to switch to electric cars that it won’t even invest in bringing engines up to the next Euro 7 exhaust gas cleanliness standard, […]

Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV

The coupe shape does not necessarily mean that the interior can only be used with compromise. The clever draw of the Enyaq Coupé is that it has a fixed, non-openable, heat-reflecting glass top as opposed to a traditional disc, upholstery combo, saving a few inches that the car would have lost in the headroom due […]

Test: Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

We don’t sit really high in the electric Mustang compared to either the car or the traffic. The view here is as bad as it is from most crossovers today, and the columns and seats cover a lot. The Cyber ​​Orange paintwork also throws a lot on it, this is the unique color of the […]