Pressure for Gnabry and Sane after Mane transfer?

FC Bayern Munich is said to want to put pressure on Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane with the transfer of Sadio Mane. The record champions want to present the Senegalese on a big stage. A candidate for the Lewandowski successor seems to be off the table. All news and rumors about FC Bayern can be […]

FC Bayern Munich in Bundesliga 1:1 against Bayer Leverkusen

An the tenth day that Russian tanks are rolling through Ukraine, that Russian missiles are flying through Ukraine, that Russian soldiers are killing in Ukraine, 25,000 people are standing in front of their seats in the soccer arena in Munich and are silent. As a “sign of solidarity,” says the stadium announcer. At this moment […]

Champions League: FC Bayern wins 5-2 against Benfica Lisbon

EIt would be an exaggeration to say that Julian Nagelsmann had to get used to the stadium routine again. The FC Bayern coach was only gone for two weeks, in corona quarantine at home in the kitchen. Not that much has changed in this short time. A few more spectators are now allowed to the […]

Champions League: Bayern win 5-0 against Dynamo Kiev

EThere is a simple method in a soccer game to examine the force balance between two teams. You don’t have to look how it is. But: where they are. On Wednesday evening, for example, the Bayern Munich players, with the exception of Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper, positioned themselves unusually close to the center line in […]

Paul Breitner: “We live in a time of equalization, of mainstream”

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