Education: the national protocol for back to school was approved

He “Framework Protocol and federal guidelines for the return to face-to-face classes in compulsory and tertiary education” he received the approval of all the ministers of the country. The resolution sets the mandatory framework guidelines and general recommendations. Based on this, each jurisdiction may draw up progressive plans and according to each need and particularity, […]

The return to face-to-face classes began in Rapa Nui

This Wednesday the face-to-face classes were resumed in Rapa Nui, after they were suspended for three months in the midst of the Covid-19 health crisis. During this morning, 65 middle school students from four schools on the island returned to classroom activities, with masks, with temperature measurement, with cleaning implements and the corresponding distance from […]

United States universities debate between classroom or virtual classes – Education – Life

As the United States reopens its economy, universities debate between vForget face-to-face classes next year and risk possible coronavirus infections, or stick with the online system that was imposed during the pandemic. Throughout the country, there are numerous centers that have already announced that classes will resume during the fall semester, which usually begins during […]

They prepare admission to the Faculty of Medicine of the UAT

The Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas Campus Tampico-Madero is waiting for the indications of the rectory so that just over 900 students interested in entering this academic unit can complete all their procedures and take the admission exam. The processes due to the contagion situation of the Covid-19 have not been […]

Teacher’s Day: Phrases that your ‘teacher’ surely told you

MEXICO CITY. There are people who mark the lives of all students, and those are the teachers, therefore, in the Teacher’s Day frame We present the phrases most listened to by students in the classroom. Do you want to teach the class? or can I continue … What are you laughing at? Let’s see, tell […]

POINT OF VIEW. Coronavirus: some lessons for the future of our health system

The serious crisis we are going through confirms the importance of health issues. Have a prospective vision The current situation had not been anticipated. Decisions made over the years have not proven to be relevant. However, we have a multitude of “High Committees” and “Councils” all made up of competent experts, but we lack global […]

Private teachers denounce unpaid wages and ask to regulate quarantined classes

Coronavirus – Virtual Classes – Quarantine Private teachers ask for virtual classes to be regulated in quarantine Third SADOP expressed its “deep concern over the lack of payment of the wages of thousands of male and female companions” and noted that employers in the sector are solely responsible for the timely payment of wages, regardless […]