[Finance and Business World]What is the odds of Li Ziqi’s victory in a battle with capital | Hangzhou Weinian| Great Outreach | Chinese Story

[EpochTimesOctober292021]In August, Li Ziqi, the number one Internet celebrity in mainland China, said on Weibo that “capital is a good method”, which makes people wonder whether there is a capital dispute with the partner . Recently, this speculation was finally confirmed. On October 25, Li Ziqi formally sued Hangzhou Weinian. Liu Tongming, the owner of […]

[News Highlights]Jiangxi is shocked to see “Fuyang” Evergrande with real estate stocks plummeting | Xiamen Drug King | Real Estate Hong Kong Stocks | Li Ziqi

[Epoch Times September 21, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is September 20 (Monday) Eastern Time, and September 21 (Tuesday) Asia Time. Today‚Äôs focus: Jiangxi is shocked to see “Fuyang”, and the authorities rarely report the track of the secret connection; has the Xiamen Drug […]