How to protect children from sexual assault

SZ-Magazin: Although sexual assaults mainly come from people close to them, the fear of many parents is still focused on the “bad stranger”: Children are warned not to get into strangers’ cars, they wear smartwatches with a GPS function fear of kidnapping. Only three percent of the perpetrators are actually strangers. Where does this distorted […]

Education – What grandparents mean for looking after grandchildren – Education

Berlin/Wiesbaden (dpa) – Whether playing and romping with the grandchildren, doing homework or eating ice cream – the time with grandma and grandpa is an integral part of everyday life for many young families. In Germany, grandparents remain an important constant when it comes to caring for children. This is shown by the recently published […]

Athletics – World Athletics Federation reviews rules for trans people – sport

London (AP) – According to British media reports, the world athletics association could join the new rules of the international swimming association for trans people. As the BBC and the “Mirror” reported online, among others, World Athletics President Sebastian Coe praised the Fina’s specifications and was open to rule changes. “You’re seeing an international federation […]

Social – Dresden – DRK presents three-year report – Society

Dresden (dpa/sn) – Corona, war in Ukraine and flood disaster in the Ahr Valley: The past three years have been an “incredible effort” for the German Red Cross (DRK) in Saxony, as the aid organization announced on Thursday. On World Red Cross Day (8 May), the DRK published a report on its work in the […]