The economy and inflation dampen demand

Frankfurt Due to the negative economic outlook and the sharp increase in inflation, the rating agency Assekurata expects demand for life insurance products to fall. “The high inflation restricts the savings possibilities of many citizens and eats away at the real interest on the policies,” said Managing Director Reiner Will on Tuesday when presenting a […]

Life insurance in Mexico will be more expensive due to COVID-19

The study indicates that the reduction in life expectancy of Mexicans was due to the lack of access to health services. “The main input to determine the premiums with which insurance companies go to the market is the mortality rate, and without a doubt, the pandemic brought unexpected excess claims,” Rubén Illescas, CEO of Grupo […]

Little culture in health insurance in Chiapas – El Heraldo de Chiapas

In Chiapas, the culture of life insurance, medical expenses insurance or maternity expenses is not as developed, insuring mother, father and a child in Tuxtla Gutierrez has a cost as an average annual total premium of 86 thousand 328 pesos with 68 cents, Some insurers have a higher cost for medical expenses, for one year, […]

Mental illnesses often at a young age

Psychic Leiden Mental disorders often develop at a young age. Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa (Photo: dpa) Accordingly, a fifth of 18 to 24 year olds said that they were long-term or chronically affected by burnout, stress, depression or nervous disorders. In the middle age group between 25 and 54 years it was even a quarter. Yougov […]

Life insurance with more claims in Edomex

lark avila Toluca / 10.04.2022 16:58:00 According to the A4 State of Mexico User Service Unit of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef), as of December 2021, the insurers with the highest number of claims for their insurance product life were: HSBC Seguros with 45, MetLife Mexico with […]

How life insurers can hold their own against digital competitors

Frankfurt Retirement provision equals life insurance – that was once. Today, customers are increasingly looking for more flexible, more cost-effective, more transparent and – not least due to the corona pandemic – also for digital products. Younger people in particular prefer trading apps and ETF savings plans to long-term insurance policies. At first glance, there […]