Writing for readers: journalist Peter Bachér is dead

Culture Peter Bachér † A man of middle and moderation As of: 6:52 p.m. | Reading time: 5 minutes Peter Bachér (left) with Friede and Axel Springer at the awarding of the Golden Camera by the “Hörzu” in 1980 The applause of the readers was decisive for him, the Axel Springer publishing house his professional […]

Eight headliners of the Printemps de Bourges to listen to on networks

The first festival of the musical season, the Printemps de Bourges showcases the headliners of the song. → READ. Coronavirus: Printemps de Bourges reinvents itself in virtual mode Since its cancellation due to the Covid-19 epidemic and confinement on March 13, 2020, the festival has thought about a virtual event, “Imaginary Spring”, which allows the […]

Hear the acoustics of Notre-Dame de Paris recreated scientifically

The monumental acoustics reigning under the vault of Notre-Dame de Paris were lost during the fire that ravaged the cathedral on April 15, 2019, causing its spire to collapse and endangering the entire building. Its ongoing restoration, which of course begins with basic emergency work, also plans to restore its unique sound fabric to the […]

Lil Yachty, Drake & DaBaby toss stacks into Oprah’s bank account

Oprah Winfrey has a sizeable bank account that everyone with a Hustler mentality envies. Oprah has inspired people to continue working hard and striving for their dreams. She was one of the most motivating forces in the world. It has been somewhat controversial lately, and major powers like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg have criticized […]

Solon: Hearing on the ABS-CBN franchise “cosmetic, irrelevant”

ABS-CBN employees and press freedom supporters will take part in a solidarity meeting in front of the ABS-CBN broadcast center in Quezon City on February 21, 2020. Gigie Cruz, ABS-CBN News MANILA – The House legislative committee hearing on March 10 to renew the ABS-CBN franchise “appears to be cosmetic and irrelevant,” a legislator said […]

Orange County Emergency confirms due to Coronavirus – NBC Los Angeles

The Board of Supervisors of Orange County approved an emergency declaration by Monday and provided better training for healthcare providers and first responders as they sought out the potential influx of coronary virus patients. This action concluded that a crew of the Orange County Fire Authority firefighters had been segregated at Irvine station after arriving […]

CPD Officer Not Fired About Shooting McDonald’s Laquan, says Lawyer – NBC Chicago

An attorney for a Chicago police officer said his client had not intentionally about how he saw the lethal shooting at Laquan McDonald 2014 by Jason Van Dyke. The Chicago Policing Board Ricardo Viramontes and three other officers were released last year due to statements made by an investigation detective or police reports. The statements […]