crisis by the Covid-19 – Open three runners to deliver food to Haiti from RD

The World Food Programme (WFP) will open three runners-food for expanding its assistance to the crisis that the COVID-19 you are creating in Latin america, where it is expected that the number of persons in severe food insecurity to grow this year at 10 million. A broker will have his base in Honduras to support […]

Tara Reade – The complex story of Joe Biden’s accuser

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California, USA One thing is clear in Tara Reade’s complicated and chaotic story: She has not had an easy life. Her father abused her mentally and physically, she told her ex-husband, a man whom she would later leave to abuse her as well. After landing a low-level job with then-Sen. Joe Biden […]

CONFLICT – Leader Iran: Israel is a “cancerous tumor” that must be destroyed

Iran’s supreme leader on Friday called Israel a “cancerous tumor” that “we will certainly remove and destroy,” during an annual speech in support of the Palestinians in which he renewed his threats against the Islamic Republic’s main enemy in the Middle East. . Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s words commemorated a lackluster Quds Day in Iran, which […]

PANDEMIC – How to measure the risks of contracting the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is forcing us to measure the risks involved in resuming our lives. Can we get out of the house? Go back to work? Go to a restaurant or a bar? To the beach? Is it time for our children to go back to school? Can we visit grandma? The questions are endless. And […]

Family finds $ 1 million while strolling

FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia, USA A Virginia family who took a car ride after weeks of being locked up for the coronavirus found nearly $ 1 million in two bags thrown along the way. David and Emily Schantz left their Caroline County home on Saturday with their children and drove past what they thought was a trash […]

SCIENCE – Hurricanes are strengthened worldwide by global warming

In nearly every region of the world where hurricanes form, their maximum sustained winds are getting stronger, according to a new study by NOAA and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which analyzed nearly 40 years of satellite images of hurricanes. A warming planet may be fueling this increase. “Through modeling and our understanding of atmospheric physics, […]