DOA: “I admit my taste for Murat”

President of the Prix Landerneau Polar 2020 which rewarded Five Burnt Cards by Sophie Loubière (Black River), Hervé Albertazzi aka DOA is one of the most original black novel authors of the last decade: Pukhtu Primo and Pukhtu Secundo have really rocked the genre. What was the first teen record you bought with your own […]

Strips apart – Culture / Next

Incredible and true: there are groups that still record albums or go on world tours without having a member of their original band remaining in their ranks. Demonstration. Dr. Feelgood In the early 1970s, Canvey Island, north of the Thames Estuary, was the birthplace of what was known as pub rock, a bit like the […]

Michelle Bridges DUI initiates professional rejuvenation

In a spectacular turn of 180, Michelle Bridges has gone from being unattainable to being identifiable. The news came out this week, the fitness queen of Australia and the wellness lighthouse imposed a DUI charge after a breathalyzer test failed on Sunday morning. Thank God he had that breakup revelation ready to take out of […]