Luisana Lopilato’s double was natural and caused a furor |

A young woman has thousands and thousands of followers for being similar to Luisana Lopilato. It is not only her face but also, she is dedicated to imitate her performances and many agree that they look like two drops of water. According to what the site Todo Noticias (TN) Malena Chiclana published, the young woman […]

Luis Novaresio got engaged to her boyfriend: “What I love this guy” |

There is no quarantine for love. This was understood by Luis Novaresio and his boyfriend Braulio Bauab, who celebrated their engagement despite the coronavirus. The couple announced that they will soon say yes and anticipated a celebration with alliances, toasts and music. According to what La Nación published, the Rosario journalist and the real estate […]

La NASA offers a space-scented perfume for sale |

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration years ago created a perfume with “smell of outer space” so that the astronauts who were sent there get used to the aroma. That same product now It will be produced on a large scale and marketed to the general public. The perfume is called Eau de Space and […]

Chiche Gelblung on his hospitalization: “I woke up saying bullshit” |

The journalist and conductor Chiche Gelblung assured this Wednesday that does not have any record of the moments prior to hospitalization, in the last week. In a radio interview she clarified that was treated for an infection and not pneumonia, as originally reported. Speaking to Radio La Red, Gelblung, 76, explained that everything was due […]

Gady Pampillón, former guitarist of the group La Torre, died |

The guitarist Gady Pampillón, than integrated the bands La Torre, Alakrán and Tarzen, passed away from advanced cancer.Had 58 years. The ailments of the musician had started in the middle of last year when, according to a publication in his social networks, the disease had been detected. The musician pointed out that there was a […]

Covid: three new symptoms add to the list |

Nasal congestion or discharge, nausea and diarrhea were added to the wide range of possible symptoms of covid-19 listed on the website of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Anyone with the following symptoms can have covid-19Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, […]

Parallel universe: NASA confirmed that it exists |

A group of scientists from NASA claimed to have evidence to confirm that there is a parallel universe and that is right next to ours. The researchers stated that in the parallel universe, all the laws of physics could be completely opposite to what we know. In other words, a world where time goes backwards. […]