Tandas Bienestar: requirements to obtain one of the loans of up to 20 thousand

Written in ECONOMY he 17/3/2023 · 17:07 hs Las Wellness Sessionsr is one of the many supports offered by the government, its objective is to help Mexicans with their businesses or also for people who are part of the project Youth Building the Future. Characteristics of microcredits does not charge interest. It is delivered in […]

Fast help can have unpleasant consequences

March 16, 2023 at 09:00 loans : Consumer tip from Wuppertal: Quick help can have unpleasant consequences Michelle Schüler-Holdstein from the consumer center. Photo: NRW consumer advice center/Mathias sweeping Photo: Mathias sweeping Wuppertal The expert warns that some loans hide high costs. lntaonfIi nud seeneikeprrErgisi nebngir iemmr emrh Mcshenen in lifenlianze igki.cwienrtSehe Um ueenadlf Recuennnhg […]

Mortgage loans fall by 14.3% in January

The downward trend of recent months has been consolidated by the number of mortgage loans for the purchase of homes in Catalonia that have decreased in January by 14.3% year-on-year. Specifically, a total of 3,589 mortgage loans were processed for the purchase of homes, as shown in the data from the Notarial Observatory of Catalonia. […]

Loans for those affected, up to 200 million pounds, and paying the first installment after three years.. Wonnos to “Al-Watan”: Executive instructions will be issued within days … a decree creating an environment free of taxes and fees for those affected by the earthquake and granting interest-free loans

Yesterday, the state launched its first practical steps to mitigate the effects of the earthquake disaster and help those affected recover and restore balance to their lives. President Bashar al-Assad issued Legislative Decree No. 3 of 2023 granting special exemptions to those affected by the earthquake, including taxes, financial fees, service allowances, local costs, and […]

Governor of Puebla asks mayors to be alert to drop-by-drop loans

The governor Sergio Salomón Céspedes Pilgrim called on the mayors of the 217 municipalities to be alert to the presence of gangs of drop-drop lenders. This, after the operation of criminal groups of this nature led to an attack on Tecamachalco where four people died and others were injured. Being aware of these gangs, he […]