Ngabalin Asks Susi Not to Disturb the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Tuban, CNN Indonesia – Member of the Maritime and Fisheries Stakeholders and Public Consultation Commission, Ali Mochtar Ngabalin ask Susi Pudjiastuti does not interfere with the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo. One of them is regarding the policy on exporting seeds lobster. Ngabalin delivered that when accompanying Edhy Prabowo’s work visit in Tuban, […]

Lobster Seed Export Policy Can Harm Indonesia

JAKARTA, KOMPASTV – Polemic on lobster seed export policy has become a focus in the Fisheries Sector. According to Suhana Maritime Economic Observer the value of the policy could be detrimental to Indonesia. The reopening policy of the lobster seed export faucet will only benefit Lobster cultivators in Vietnam, because they will get lobster supplies […]

Don’t want to get gout? Avoid these foods and drinks

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Gout sufferers must control the food and drinks consumed every day. If you don’t want uric acid recurrence, avoid the following foods. Gout is a common disease suffered by the people of the country. This disease arises due to imbalance of purine metabolism in the body. As a result, the accumulated purines […]

Waiting for the thaw: Nick Cave in a loop, partitions of artists and life in bulk

1 – With a land use plan With its pastel colors and its way of taking the player by the hand during the first hour, Before We Leave installment in the often austere world of management video games, “city builder” options (type Sim City, remember!) and “4X” (the Civilization). Especially since he proudly displays his […]

Open the lobster cage

Opening the bird cage is an act of freedom that emancipates the executioner and his prisoner. It is also an image. In this book, there are no birds but crustaceans locked in an aquarium and men locked in their prejudices. It is the adventure of a lobster escaping from a pot, a true story it […]

Olot and Llagostera are positioning themselves against the proposal to end the season

Olot and Llagostera have announced their position on the proposal to end the 2019-20 season, after the meeting with the Catalan Football Federation (FCF). The two Second B Girona clubs agree that it is necessary ensure security in accordance with health authorities, although the club chaired by Isabel Tarragó goes further than that “The best […]

Proposed New Safeguards for Still Lobster Species

The US Fish and Wildlife service is proposing new protections for two threatened lobster species in the Appalachian coal areas. Under the proposed new rule, which is due to be published Tuesday in the Federal Register, the agency will nominate 445 miles of stream in West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia as a “critical habitat” for […]