Tech upgrades permission for Santa Fe business licenses Local News

So much for a project by the Mayor Alan Webber to move Santa Fe into the 21st century. Purchasers requiring a business license or renewing a web URL will not be able to use it by the 13 March deadline. Instead, they will have to do IRL: in real life. “The city is not currently […]

Webber billionaire billionaire Bloomberg for president | Local News

Michael Bloomberg in the Democratic primary. TMichael Bloomberg in the Democratic primary. T “His record of accomplishment is unmatched,” he said, “Mayor as for Mike” coalition. Webber’s endorsement, which has created New York Times about Bloomberg tapping into a huge network of officials t In interview Wednesday, Webber there are a lot of Democratic candidates. […]

Health directives 02-17-20 | Healthy Living

Events n Brownsville Family Pharmacy, 27 Market Street, is offering free safety blister packaging for recipes for seniors, carers and nursing homes. Customers can also complete all prescriptions once a month simultaneously through a free Sync program, which is aimed at reducing the number of visits to the local pharmacy. The shop is open 9 […]

You think in 3 cases raped Santa Fe captured in Nevada News briefly

A man who was charged with two underage girls was arrested to raping and a woman in Santa Fe Thursday near Las Vegas, Nev. After extradition, Maury Elliott, 23, will appear in Santa Fe County Magistrates Court on fees in two of his cases, as well as attending a hearing in the District Court, a […]