Loneliness Makes The Brain Shrink!

Jakarta – Detikers, do you know that loneliness can be bad for your health? Come on, see the full explanation here! Quoted from detikEdua survey conducted by Cigna described Gen Z (18-22 year olds) as the loneliest generation, while those ≥72 years of age are the least lonely or socially isolated compared to middle-aged adults. […]

«I am a lone wolf and I know how to wait, I will not stop until you pay in blood»

Enrique Riestra A man faces 18 months in prison for insulting and threatening the mayor of Llanes, whom he wished to “see soon at the funeral home” Throughout 2020 and 2021, he used social networks to “continually insult and threaten” the mayor of Llanes, Enrique Riestra (Neighbors for Llanes), whom he came to wish for […]

This is the only country that can stop the war in Ukraine! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: American writer and journalist Thomas Friedman expressed his conviction that one country is able to stop Russia’s crisis with Ukraine, pointing out that it is not about America. “There is only one country that can end this war: not the United States, but China,” Friedman said, in an opinion piece for the American […]

Baden-Württemberg: Take a seat to “chat”: Offer for lonely people

Friday, September 3rd, 2021 Baden-Wuerttemberg Take a seat to “chat”: offer for lonely people They have breakfast alone, go shopping alone, cook alone, and then watch television. Alone. Loneliness is a daily companion for millions of people in Germany. Seniors in Baden-Württemberg are now taking up an idea to alleviate the misery a little. Stuttgart […]