France: La Défense district briefly closed after a disturbing call (video)

The first business district in Europe had been shut down since mid-morning because of a call to the police announcing an armed individual near a shopping center, in the heart of the esplanade. Lhe business district of La Defense in Paris was briefly cordoned off Tuesday after a call announcing an armed man in this […]

Series to live in the clouds

Federico Marín BellónFOLLOW Updated:05/21/2020 01: 44h save It is not new that science fiction looks at the sky and gets between spiritual and spirited, looking for answers or forgetting the most uncomfortable questions. Peering into the future can cause fear, just the moment to remember Santa Barbara. In the last litter of series there are […]

The ‘Guernica’ loop | The mail

The box is still waiting. Three days before the state of alarm was decreed, Sergio García (Guadix, Granada, 1967) had all the sirens on. Pum, pum, pum. The hammer blows of that Wednesday, March 11, plating the last cover of the shipment, sounded like sniper shots to his head: time was running against him. The […]

Beautifully puzzling – the Amazon series “Tales from the Loop”

WWhen something bad happens to you, it is tempting to relate all sorts of things to your own situation. As if these things were important signs and pointers. You want to interpret it, yes, you long for it in order to gain something from the situation you are currently in. Anything to make sense of […]

Israeli forces kill Palestinians near the Gaza border | World News

Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian suspected of placing a bomb near the Gaza border, before extracting his body with an excavator, the Israeli army said. “Following the frustrated success of the attack near the Gaza Strip fence this morning, an IDF [Israel Defence Forces] bulldozer removed the body of one of the attackers, ”said […]