Chiquis Rivera plans to come to live in Mexico

Written in TIME X the 21/10/2021 · 20:56 hs The Univision beauty consultant, Jomari Goyoso, In her podcast “Sin Rodeos”, she managed to ask her friend, Chiquis about your partner, work, love separations, the relationship with your family, projects and your mother, Jenni Rivera. After the so-called “La Mariposa de Barrio” disinherited her, the singer […]

Chiquis Rivera breaks the silence about his breakup – Telemundo McAllen (40)

California.- Chiquis Rivera decided to speak on social networks about her marital relationship in reaction to the rumors that have been circulating for weeks and indicated that the fault of her breakup is not her friends (as social networks say), but Lorenzo Méndez himself . On her Instagram on Sunday, the singer bluntly commented that […]

Chiquis Rivera, speaks the alleged lover of Lorenzo Mendez

Chiquis Rivera, speaks the alleged lover of Lorenzo Mendez | Instagram Chiquis Rivera and her husband Lorenzo Mendez They are in the middle of the scandal after a netizen emerged who claims the former vocalist of La Original is unfaithful to his wife. Given the rumors, Claudia the supposed lover has decided to break the […]

Chiquis Rivera partying next to Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-partner

Chiquis Rivera is showing her followers how they face some situations with great maturity and good sense, because last weekend she met with her husband’s ex-partner Lorenzo Méndez, despite rumors of a bad relationship between the two. The eldest daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera shared with her 3.6 million followers a series of […]

Claudia Galván, former Lorenzo Méndez, could go to prison

Claudia Galván, the ex-wife of the singer Lorenzo Méndez, current husband of the singer Chiquis Rivera, was surprised in August 2019 while driving while intoxicated in Texas and before this, she has reached an agreement with the US government. As reported in different news portals and according to documents from an El Paso court, Claudia […]

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez test positive for coronavirus

Jenni Rivera’s daughter shared a video, via Instagram, in which they confirm that the disease exists. “I have news for you. I want to be the first to let you know. I took the Covid test, it is the third time I have done it for precautions (…) I did it again yesterday because I […]

They capture Lorenzo Méndez singing ‘with spite’

Although both denied the allegations, Lorenzo was later seen leaving his home with several suitcases. On the other hand, Chiquis took advantage of the fact that he was promoting his new single with Becky G to accept that things were not quite right in their relationship. Even Méndez has asked for prayers for his marriage, […]