A PANista and a Moreno in El Universal

A very lively talk was held yesterday morning by the governor of Chihuahua, the PAN Maru Campos, and the president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies, the morenista legislator Sergio Gutierrez Luna. The meeting took place at the EL UNIVERSAL facilities to which both attended separately to give interviews about their […]

Morenos call to vote for Trump

The Morena party boasts influence among voters, even if it is not in Mexico. This is the case of the Committee of Morena in New York, in which they participate Leo Sander, Isaac Ramírez, Carolina Reyes, among others, as the group suggests to the countrymen in the United States that they vote for the reelection […]

Alert for Q4 anti-corruption czar

They tell us that someone should warn the Secretary of Public Function, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, which is trying to rig the contest that it has to review to designate the new head of Infotec, the research center that generates most of the software for the federal government. Some of the experts in this field consider […]

The popular rockstar of the 4T in the Senate

Go that doctor Hugo Lopez-Gatell is popular. Well, very few federal officials who have appeared during this legislature have received as many disqualifications as yesterday the so-called rockstar of the Fourth Transformation had. Blankets, signs and messages came to light during the presence of Don Hugo, in charge of the federal strategy to face the […]