We drove home: Opel Astra L

When Opel was still part of GM, it was not forced to emphasize every time the brand’s German roots, the safe chassis and brakes in the German motorway speed range, the role of the Rüsselsheim development center and Rüsselsheim production. However, ever since we saw PSA-derived switches in the interior, the French farmer’s three-cylinder is […]

The BMW M135i xDrive intends to be more capable. He got in a sharper mood

The sharp version of the number one is still powered by a petrol four-cylinder with an output of 225 kW. However, it got a redesigned chassis, as well as an otherwise tuned engine sound. In 2019, BMW launched its first compact hot hatch with a classic concept for this type of car – with the […]

The Nissan Leaf is facing a major change. It turns into a crossover

In the second generation, Nissan’s electric compact was more adapted to the target clientele. The upcoming third generation should also think even more about customers. The Nissan Leaf is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of electric propulsion. The first generation arrived on the market in 2010, when other brands were just starting to think about […]

The Škoda Slavia has already hit the road. What makes her camouflage unconventional?

Prototypes of the upcoming sedan use non-traditional camouflage. It combines motifs of Indian and Czech design. Škoda is already actively testing prototypes of the upcoming Slavia sedan. As usual, the cars are hidden under a layer of camouflage so that the appearance of the novelty is not revealed before the premiere. Camouflage is unusual this […]

Confirmed: Lancia Delta will return. It will arrive in 2026

The new Lancia Delta is developed according to the brand’s new strategy. It means pure (Italian) style and premium character. But also electric drive … Thanks to the merger of FCA with PSA, Lancia became part of the Stellantis Group, whose management gave it room to develop. In the future, Lancia will no longer offer […]

Integra returns. But in a different form than you might expect

The revival of names from the history of automobiles continues. The latest reincarnation, however, in a way returns to its roots, although this history is forgotten. Honda Integra is also a well-known car for our people, it was a compact model, offered between 1985 and 2006 as a sportier alternative to the Civic. To this […]