Thailand’s “Most Beautiful Transgender” Scenic Marriage and Acquaintance for 20 Years Senior 8-digit “Golden Wedding Dress” Wearing Super Shiny Upper Body | Entertainment | CTWANT

Thai actress Poyd, known as the “most beautiful transsexual” in Thailand, got married in a luxurious gold dress. (Picture / flip photo of Baoer IG) Known as Thailand’s “most beautiful transgender person”, Thai actress Poyd (Poyd) announced her wedding news on IG on February 2 this year. She is in love with her boyfriend Oak, […]

Lu rich businessmen set off a wave of immigrants… Come to “this country” to live the most luxurious life without limit “buy a bottle of hops for 24 million” without blinking | International | CTWANT

Rich people with economic strength in mainland China spend money lavishly beyond the imagination of the outside world. (Picture/schematic diagram, flipped from pixabay) In the past few years, the mainland has mopped up some rich local technology rich and tax-evading celebrities. In addition, in the past three years, the country has implemented strict zero-clearing measures […]

The most famous TV presenter in the DPRK received a luxury apartment from the leader

Kim called the presenter one of the nation’s treasures. PCHJONGJANG. The seasoned presenter of North Korean state television, Ri Chun-hi, who has been reporting for more than half a century, received a luxury apartment from leader Kim Jong-un. The state media, which was referred to by the AFP news agency, informed about it on Thursday. […]