Madonna complains about censorship on Instagram

Madonna, 63, fights against censorship and double standards. At least that’s how the singer understands her eloquent protest after Instagram deleted a number of her provocative, more or less pornographic photos – with the usual reason that you could see her nipples on them. Now Madonna put the pictures back on, but this time she […]

Madonna is causing controversy again with a photo on social media

© AP Madonna (63) would not be Madonna if she did not occasionally cause controversy. This time she ends up in a storm of criticism because of a photo on Instagram. Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 13:35 The poses on Instagram Queen of Pop with images she collaborated with photographer Steven Klein for the magazine […]

Due to driver illness, several regional bus routes are canceled – in Latvia – News

Taking into account that several drivers of SIA “Madonas ceļ būves SIA” have fallen ill, today and on October 30 several flights on the route Madona-Cesvaine-Mentes, Cesvaine-Lapukrogs, Madona-Cesvaine-Vairogi, Madona-Laudona-Sāviena, Madona- Sausnēja-Bite and Madona-Jaunāmuiža-Mārciena. Today, the route Madona-Cesvaine-Mentes, which starts at 15.40 at Madona bus station, will be canceled at the Vairogs stop at 7.20, and […]

Madonna refused to appear in ‘Matrix’ (and regrets for it)

The Queen of Pop has triumphed in every creative field she has set out to do, so at this point in her career she only seems to have one thing left to do: take her own life to the movies, and on her own terms. Currently Madonna is involved in the preparations for an autobiographical […]

Madonna ‘shocked’ during talk show by more of herself …

© AP Madonna was a guest at American talk show host Jimmy Fallon for her new documentary Madame X to promote, but in the end showed a lot more of himself than expected. Friday 8 October 2021 at 20:38 Singer Madonna (63) was a guest at the American talk show on Thursday The tonight show […]

What is the Kabbalah used by famous people like Madonna about

Among celebrities it is very common to find some religious or spiritual cults that carry a certain exoticism. There is one that has been gaining many followers lately as a way to achieve success in life but which is really very old: the Kabbalah O Cabala. The iconic Madonna It has been 40 years of […]

sing and dance on the historic train

“Hello Italy, hello Puglia”: with these words, spoken on board a train historian of the State Railways Foundation, the pop star Madonna greets the region where he stopped in the past few days with his boyfriend, friends and family for to party his 63rd birthday. Read also – TV schedules, who we won’t find in […]

Madonna lit up a Pride party without a bra

He jumped in front of the audience in fishnet tops and minis. Pride week has also started in the US, of which Madonna he actively takes his share. True, he didn’t come to the New York party on Thursday as a performer, but he felt he had to pop into a counter to sing a […]