US company Intel builds chip factory in Germany

March 15, 2022 at 2:16 p.m billion investments : US company Intel builds chip factory in Germany The US group Intel is building a chip factory in Germany. Photo: dpa/Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez ​ Magdeburg/Santa Clara Given the current shortage of chips, Intel’s new production facility in Magdeburg is good news. In addition, billions of investments are […]

Handball Bundesliga: Flensburg inflicts first defeat on Berlin

November 10, 2021 at 8:59 pm Magdeburg’s next victory : Flensburg inflicts first defeat on Berlin in the handball Bundesliga SC Magdeburg continues to win in the handball Bundesliga. Photo: dpa / Tom Weller Göppingen Abellenführer SC Magdeburg has also won the tenth game of the season in the handball Bundesliga. Meanwhile, the Füchse Berlin […]

Measles vaccination on the test bench

In the case of measles vaccination, a combination preparation is always administered.Photo: Astrid860 / iStock Vaccination is an irreversible decision and therefore an irreversible interference with physical integrity. The Magdeburg Higher Administrative Court leaves no doubt about that. In the case of a seriously ill schoolgirl, with reference to the minimal measles cases, the court […]

Polster und Pohl Reisen – error page

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Inexpensive malaria remedies through innovative technology

However, it is not about salt, but about complicated molecules that also swim in complicated solutions. Institute director Prof. Andreas Seidel Morgenstern explains: “This is special know-how here in Magdeburg that we can separate complicated mixtures in order to separate out certain target molecules, even in the presence of sometimes very similar substances. These are […]

Schools – Magdeburg – Ministry wants to promote extracurricular swimming opportunities – Education

May 22, 2021, 10:45 p.m. Schools – Magdeburg:Ministry wants to promote extracurricular swimming offers Directly from the dpa news channel Magdeburg (dpa / sa) – Saxony-Anhalt’s Ministry of Education wants to promote extracurricular swimming opportunities with immediate effect. Against the background of the corona-related cancellation of swimming lessons, schools have been given the opportunity to […]