Schools – Magdeburg – Ministry wants to promote extracurricular swimming opportunities – Education

May 22, 2021, 10:45 p.m. Schools – Magdeburg:Ministry wants to promote extracurricular swimming offers Directly from the dpa news channel Magdeburg (dpa / sa) – Saxony-Anhalt’s Ministry of Education wants to promote extracurricular swimming opportunities with immediate effect. Against the background of the corona-related cancellation of swimming lessons, schools have been given the opportunity to […]

KFC Uerdingen relies on its own strengths in the relegation battle

May 14, 2021 at 3:14 pm Paid content: Game against the team of the hour : KFC Uerdingen relies on its own strengths in the relegation battle Whether Lukas Königshofer (r.) Will guard the KFC goal again instead of Hidde Jurjus, coach Jürgen Press did not want to reveal yet. He is still weighing which […]

Mexican Andrea Barroso Torres brings international flair to the city park

Magdeburg – When Andrea Barroso Torres, Mario Kamprad and Harald Siebert sit together at the table in the clubhouse of the TC Rotehorn and talk about God and the world, there is an incredibly familiar atmosphere. As if the 19-year-old Mexican had known the two men for decades. She has only been here for a […]

Children – The trade fair and event company Magdeburg GmbH

To, 08.05.2021 – Mo, 24.05.2021 10:00 a.m Treasure hunt Postponement (2nd – 5th April 2021) 8th – 24th May 2021 and an alternative date will be announced! Elbauenpark Of, 11.05.2021 3 p.m. Holiday fun: forest discovery tour Canceled! Elbauenpark Do, 13.05.2021 11:00 o’clock Princess day Canceled Elbauenpark Of, 18.05.2021 3 p.m. Holiday fun: Meadow discovery […]

New timetable from December 13th: That brings Saxony-Anhalt the 2021 rail timetable

Magdeburg’s railway bridge will be closed to train traffic from April 24th to September 10th. That means for them Railway line Magdeburg-Burg-Berlin im Detail: The Regionaexpress line 1 Magdeburg-Berlin will be replaced by buses between Magdeburg main station and Magdeburg Herrenkrug. The RE 1 stops at all subway stations between Herrenkrug and Burg, which extends […]

Fourth day in the Halle assassination process: insights into private life

Signs have been overlooked The half-sister’s former partner is more eager to provide information. Through their son, he is still connected to the defendant’s family. He looks like someone who doesn’t want to say anything wrong. He answers calmly, deliberately. Someone who doesn’t act out. But also someone who asks about family details and discussions, […]

Second day in the Halle assassination process: a video that is unsettling

Don’t see the son’s death a second time The lawyer Erkan Görgülü represents the father of the killed Kevin S. Kevin S.’s father was unable to attend the second day of the trial. He learned of his son’s death from the video that was sent to him on the day of the attack. It was […]