This is the mansion of “El Hotel de los Famosos” in Cañuelas

In addition to being in the middle of a field on the outskirts of Cañuelas, this large 1,200-square-meter mansion became one of the most emblematic on TV, since the episodes of “The Hotel of the Famous”. The property, which occupies four hectares in Cañuelas and was the place where the El Trece reality show was […]

Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie sold Kaohsiung’s newlywed house for a loss and quickly divided the property amount without mercy | Entertainment | CTWANT

After Japan’s former billiard queen Fukuhara Ai and Taiwan’s former national billiard player Jiang Hongjie divorced, it was rumored that they sold their Kaohsiung mansion in less than three months. The brokerage company also confirmed this and said that the transaction amount is inconvenient to disclose, but now the real price login also exposes the […]

The NVB made a fool of itself by fining civilians campaigning for invalid votes

Last Sunday, voters cast an average of 1.74 million invalid votes per question on four issues in the government’s homophobic (“child protection”) referendum. One in five Hungarians with the right to vote voted invalidly on the questions (the proportion of non-voters was stable at 33 per cent and that of valid votes at around 46 […]

Where does Angela Aguilar live? Meet her mansion in Los Angeles

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 17/3/2022 · 08:23 hs The life of Angela Aguilar is one of the youngest exponents of regional Mexican music, which has given her great fortune and popularity, which has caused her fans to want to know every detail of her life, such as what her favorite food is or where she […]

In order to raise money to sell tens of millions of supercars, Chen Jianzhou sold “ultra-luxury mansions” at a price of 57.66 million… The agent spoke | Entertainment | CTWANT

Chen Jianzhou was entrusted to sell real estate. (Picture / Retrieved from Black Chen Jianzhou’s Facebook) Artist Chen Jianzhou (black) only announced today (21st) that his wife Fan Weiqi (Fan Fan) is about to release a new album. Unexpectedly, there was news that the couple recently sold their mansion on Minsheng East Road. The asking […]