Rafaella Chávez, the daughter of Marbelle, made an “extravagant” change of look

Although Marbelle is the one who usually attracts the attention of the media and social networks for her talent in music, for her controversial statements in general related to the government, her criticisms usually considered out of tone and more recently for her role as a mentor in the Caracol channel reality show, La Descarga, […]

Marbelle responded to followers, for her arrival on Caracol TV’s ‘reality’

It was a great surprise to learn that Marbelle would become part of Caracol Televisión, in the new singing and music reality show. Obviously the criticism comes from certain controversial positions of the Valle del Cauca, which have made it a trend on several occasions in recent times. (You may be interested: Marbelle attacked ‘Matador’ […]

Shakira and Piqué, Marbelle, Jessica Cediel and more women with younger partners

There are people who love regardless of age and in Colombia there are several cases of women who end up involved with men younger than them, including those who are famous inside and outside the country. (See also: Carmen Villalobos is “very happy” with her current “company”; She doesn’t even mention her husband) The case […]

Marbelle treats Gustavo Petro as an “asshole” by order of him to his followers

Maureen Belky Ramírez Cardona, as is the name of the 42-year-old woman, could not bear her discomfort with the instruction that the candidate for the “Historic Pact” gave to her entourage of followers. Petro went through Twitter to ask that he be campaigned on his own and not with official advertising for the first round […]

Marbelle made the “bear” when she fell in full concert – Publimetro Colombia

By Colombia Publimetro October 24, 2021 at 2:23 p.m. If you haven’t seen the pictures, we will show you how Marbelle did the “bear” when he fell in full concert. The Colombian singer has many years of experience and several miles accumulated talking about stages. And although it has been uploaded in hundreds of stages, […]

Diego Camargo was unharmed after violent robbery

“They burst my head”: Diego Camargo starred in robbery in Bogotá. This is how the violent event happened. The Colombian comedian is one of the most recognized in the country. And those who did not know him, have fallen in love with his simplicity, talent and chivalry in MasterChef Celebrity, reality that airs every weekend […]