Marc Van Ranst

‘No, the problem in this corona crisis is really not Marc Van Ranst’ – Belgium

‘No matter how tiring the corona crisis is, the virologist continues to communicate openly’, Knack editor-in-chief Bert Bultinck writes about Van Ranst. “The daily attacks on Twitter are not difficult to deal with,” said virologist Marc Van Ranst on Saturday in an interview in La Libre Belgique. “People in the street are always very sympathetic, … Read more

Antwerp catering industry threatens legal action against viro …

The Antwerp group Help Horeca threatens to take legal action against virologist Marc Van Ranst. The latter called for a few days ago to stay away from Antwerp and that is not easy, according to the Antwerp hospitality industry. “We’ve already hired a lawyer.” “Following the call from Mr Marc Van Ranst not to come … Read more

The number of infections is increasing, but the number of deaths …

The number of infections with Covid-19 continues to rise sharply, especially in the province of Antwerp. Fortunately, the number of new hospital admissions and deaths remains low, according to figures from Sciensano. Will the second wave be a bit milder after all? Or shouldn’t we be cheering too early? What do the numbers say? Between … Read more