Putin went to Mariupol – Vereshchuk compared the Russian dictator with Hitler

“Even Hitler visited Mariupol, temporarily occupied by his soldiers in 1941, and it is good to remember what happened to him. These photographs only show the weakness of the Russian president, he will be forced to resign,” the minister said. She also stressed that the Russian invaders continue to massively violate the Geneva Conventions in […]

Ukraine war in Newsblog | Putin visits Mariupol for first time since war began

Day 386 since the beginning of the war: The Ukrainian government is planning to reappoint several ministries. Putin is on a surprise visit to Crimea. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Ukrainian secret service: Kremlin is looking for Putin’s successor 7.35 a.m.: For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the […]

The Ukrainian army “massively attacked”!Crimea and Mariupol airports are reported to have explosions and flames in the sky | International | Newtalk News

On March 1, around one o’clock in the afternoon, an explosion occurred at Mariupol Airport.Figure: Taken from @NOELreports Twitter According to the “Tencent News” report, as early as January, there was news of a “big counter-offensive” in Ukraine, and the subsequent large-scale conscription of the Ukrainian army also proved this point. Recently, the Ukrainian army […]

AP: At least 10,300 new graves in Mariupol

Most of the graves can be seen at the Staryi Krym cemetery. AP has analyzed satellite images from the beginning of March to December and looked for areas where soil has been moved. AP has calculated that the cemetery has been expanded with new graves corresponding to an area of ​​51,500 square meters in just […]

Thousands of new graves found in Mariupol

The BBC has examined satellite images from Maxar which show large burial sites in Starji Krym, Mankhush and Vynohradne on the outskirts of the bombed-out city, which was captured by Russian forces in May. The Center for Information Resilience (CIR) has analyzed the images from Starji Krym and concludes that 1,500 new graves have been […]

Half a year in captivity for Valentina and Valentina. Even after this time, they say they don’t want to “throw the Russians into one bag”

According to estimates, Russian forces are currently holding about eight thousand Ukrainian men and women as prisoners of war. Exact lists do not exist. So far, only about eight hundred people have managed to be exchanged, often very seriously injured. Thirty-two-year-old Valentina Strutynská, a former unit commander of the 36th brigade of the Ukrainian marines, […]

The soldier experienced hell on earth. The Russians tortured him with ABBA music

According to the British soldier who fought on the side of Ukraine, he experienced hell on earth. During the April siege of Mariupol, 48-year-old Shaun Pinner was captured by pro-Russian separatists. He was tortured mentally and physically in captivity. They also used ABBA songs for this. “I never want to hear an ABBA song or […]

“Always faithful”. Putin cannot win with such soldiers

He realized that the only hope his colleagues would find him was screaming. But how to do it when even fighting for another breath is suffering. He knew he had to endure, or he would die under the rubble: “I kept telling myself: it can’t end like this, that’s not why I joined the Marines.”